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Celebrating 10 Years - 2016 - Extended Hours

As patient volumes continued to grow, weekend and evening hours were added to the Skillman clinic to meet growing demands. These expanded hours allowed patients who work or are in school during normal business hours to have a resource that was unavailable to them prior. As patient volume and accessibility increased, the ministry continued to have opportunities to care for the spiritual needs for any patient that came through.

Meet Patient S.  

When she walked into our clinic she was fleeing a dangerous situation in her Muslim home country in the Middle East and was here with very little money to her name, nervous, and unsure of what the future held.  

Through a few visits at the Skillman clinic, she began to open up to our staff and volunteers.  

We were able to connect her with various members of Watermark Community Church who walked with her through immigration appointments and helped connect her and her family with a variety of community services.  

And as they did, they shared the gospel over and over again. A few months into this friendship, both S and her husband met Jesus and chose to get baptized at Watermark Community Church. They became members, and the church continued to walk with them as their asylum immigration status was developed and they found work.  

For a season S served with Watermark Health, and as she rode the bus to and from the clinic, shared fervently about the services provided as well as the Jesus who had changed her life. Because she met her Savior, S is healed.

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