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Celebrating 10 Years - 2023 -Celebrating the past 10, looking toward the next 10

Celebrating a decade of transformative healthcare, Watermark Health stands at the intersection of compassion and service in the Dallas Metroplex. From its inception in 2013 as QuestCare Community Clinic to its evolution into a non-profit force in 2018, each year brought new milestones and opportunities for community care.

In 2023, the leadership and staff at Watermark Health took the time to reflect on the past and clearly align the vision for the next ten years. With a bold target set, the organization has set its aim on engaging in 1 million gospel encounters—sharing the power and love of Jesus Christ.

The journey has been shaped by hundreds volunteers and dedicated staff members annually embodying the values of compassion, accessibility, relational care, excellence, and dignity. As we step into the next decade, Watermark Health invites you to be part of this impactful mission.

Your support—whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness—contributes to the realization of the ambitious goal of 1 million gospel encounters. Join hands with Watermark Health as we embark on the next chapter, bringing healing, hope, and the love of Christ to those in our community.

Be a catalyst for change. Give toward our next 10-year goal or volunteer with us to be part of a legacy that continues to make a difference in the lives of our community. Together, let's create a future filled with compassion, care, and countless gospel encounters.


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