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Celebrating 10 Years - 2021 - Diversifying Services

As the pandemic continued on, Watermark Health continued to have new opportunities to meet the needs of our community.

2021 was the first year that Watermark Health worked alongside Our Calling in a disaster response effort for the homeless community during the week-long Dallas Freeze event. Every year since then, our team now anticipates and plans for disaster response around the days that drop below freezing to serve our homeless neighbors with Our Calling.

2021 was also the year that Watermark Health added sonogram services to its scope. Bringing our very first patient testimony full circle - adding a tool as we continue to engage in conversations with abortion-determined or abortion-vulnerable populations. Since then, in 2023 a full service line was built to see patients independently from Urgent Care for Early Prenatal Care. WMH has partnered closely with area pregnancy resource centers and walk-up patients to provide care to women in the midst of a vulnerable situation.

Conversations also began in 2021 with an area Optometrist passionate about the mission of WMH to provide vision screening and lenses to patients. Since then, the first vision event occurred in 2023, and we look forward to seeing how this service line will continue to grow.

"We are so blessed to partner with Watermark Health. It is a gift to us to refer our precious clients to someone who is trusted to provide high-quality care while also knowing they are like-minded in mission and vision. When you refer someone to a place for care, you are putting your reputation out there as well, and because Watermark Health has built trust with patients, we can confidently refer to Watermark Health."

-Rachel Lane,

Vice President to Family Services at Human Coalition


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