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Celebrating 10 Years - 2020 - Pivoting in the Pandemic

In March of 2020, everything changed in our world and Watermark Health was positioned to provide real, valued solutions in the midst of crisis.

As the world shut down, we ramped up. While many non-profit clinics closed their doors we shifted our operations to safely stay open, mirroring the health and safety protocols of hospitals while staying open to our vulnerable patient population. As we pivoted to meet the new needs, we saw the Lord give us ample opportunity to be the church in the midst of a global crisis. 2020 will forever be a year we look back to as a time when the unique impact of WMH became crystal clear- we were not just a clinic the church ran, we are a true means of solution to the healthcare needs of our community.

In reflection, we are able to see the ways that God deployed us to truly be the church in our community during uncertain times. If you'd like to be the church with us, you can do so by Giving to Watermark Health or Volunteering with our team.

Some of our formerly published stories highlighting the COVID response can be found here:


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