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"I lost my faith in Iraq and I'm still trying to find it."

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Heath works next door to our new clinic in Plano. When the facility was first being constructed he was unsure of what a non-profit clinic would bring. 

"To be honest, we were worried when we heard it was a charity clinic. We thought it might bring the wrong kind of people and affect our business."

But when Heath started to see the way that the construction was being completed, with beautiful finish-outs donated and discounted by generous Watermark members, he could tell there was something different about this non-profit clinic. 

Heath met our nurse Laura one day as they were both taking out the trash. She shared with him that the clinic was for the uninsured and under-insured and told him to come by if he ever had an urgent care need. Within the first few weeks of the clinic being open, Heath found himself registering to be seen as a patient for back pain.

Heath served in the military in Iraq and as such qualifies for government healthcare assistance. But he's chosen to come to Watermark Urgent Care instead for his acute care needs. 

"I receive better treatment here. The other doctors I've been to don't put their hands on you. They just ask 'What's the problem?' and throw pills at you. Here they checked my complaints, got to the root issues, and then helped me make wise decisions about my health."

He and his wife have returned as patients a few times since that first visit for coughs or colds, and most recently to find out that they were pregnant.  But it's not just the excellent healthcare that has Heath coming back. 

"While I was there, one of the volunteers drew a picture with some words and a verse to describe to me how God loves me. I was born a Jew, baptized Episcopal, and then raised Catholic. In Iraq I saw some things that make it hard to believe God could exist."

With each visit, the clinic staff and volunteers continued to invite Heath and his wife to learn more about God and to visit Watermark to find community.

"I finally told my wife that we should give Watermark a shot. The first time we went was in the middle of the summer and they were passing out candles. I thought that was weird. But I knew I needed to be there. Not just for me, but for my kids. I want to learn how to be a better dad."

Heath and his wife have continued to glean from Watermark’s resources on parenting and visit the clinic regularly to talk with the staff and volunteers there. Our clinic staff enjoys his visits during the work day and count it a privilege to get to watch as he continues to learn more about God and His ways. 

"I lost my faith in Iraq and I'm still trying to find it. Watermark has been like a yellow brick road for me...helping to point the way."

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