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Celebrating 10 Years - 2018 - The Official Incorporation of Watermark Health

In 2018, with the addition of a new location, it became necessary to clarify the overseeing organization. Watermark Health, a non-profit corporation, was created with updated bylaws, an organizational structure to match the growing needs of the ministry, and staff to increase its capacity to launch additional locations, service lines, and efforts to serve the city.

Our Mission:

Watermark Health exists to serve the community by awakening and empowering the local church to care for the physical healthcare needs and engage souls with the love and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Letter from Our Board

Dear Watermark Health Partners & Friends, 

As Board Chair, it has been a gift to reflect on the remarkable successes we've achieved together this past year -- and over the last decade. Financially, we've seen significant growth, a testament to the trust and support of people like you, and God has transformed thousands of lives this year through the continued dedication of our extraordinary team. As we praise God for the past decade and look toward the future, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be a part of the story God is writing through Watermark Health. 

For detailed financial information from the past year, please visit our website. Our Fiscal Year recently shifted from Jan-Dec to July-June, so we will post updated financial information in 2024. Your ongoing partnership is vital, and as we step into the next decade, we invite you to consider joining us for an even greater impact. 

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to Watermark Health's mission. 

So that the multitudes may be healed, 

Dr. Matt Bush 

Chair, Watermark Health Board 


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