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Celebrating 10 Years - 2015 - Dental Services Added

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

As the impact of the ministry continued to multiply, opportunities to diversify services were brought forward to the team.

Kevin Aduddell, DDS helped lead a team to renovate two rooms on site at the Skillman location to add dental clinic space. In staying true with the urgent care scope of services, Dental Extractions were the main focus- to alleviate pain and help relieve patients from going to the Emergency Department for related pain management.

Since then the dental services have evolved to include satellite clinics for both extractions and dental hygiene- where dentists around the metroplex open their offices to Watermark Health to see our patient population for a day. This model not only allows more patients to be seen in an extended day, but also allows dentists, hygienists, and dental clinic staff to apply their faith to their profession.

"When I first came to the clinic, I began to see how very hard some of our patient's stories are. There was one gentleman from Iran who had been tortured for his faith and came to see us to help repair some of the damage that had been done to his teeth. That experience really strengthened my faith because this patient showed me how God was faithful even in something that difficult. At Watermark Health we make Christ the center of all we do. And I try to carry that into my clinic. I tell my patients that if I only care about their teeth, I don't care enough. I'm grateful for the experiences I've had at Watermark Health, Christ has been growing and developing me while there. " - Kevin Aduddell, DDS and Watermark Health Board Member

Did you know? Since it's launch in 2015, our dental services have provided care for over 1,500 individuals!

This satellite clinic model is one that Watermark Health leadership is excited to continue investigating in a variety of specialty service lines. Are you a practitioner in a specialty that would be able to take referrals from the clinic and/or host a satellite clinic? We'd love to hear from you at

Passionate about dental care? When you give towards Watermark Health, you're helping make dental care accessible to our patient population. Invest in the mission today!


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