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Top Ten Headlines of 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

This year, I had the opportunity to explore the Lewis and Clark Trail via train. Starting in St Louis at Camp Dubois and ending at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon, the approximately 3,700-mile trail covers all kinds of terrain previously uncharted in the United States. Imagine only knowing what east of the Mississippi looked like, then witnessing the Great Plains for the first time or the sharp peaks of the Rocky Mountains approaching on the horizon.

Lewis, Clark, and the other 40 men traveling with them were pioneering uncharted territory; this journey would bring both moments of joy and trials. They experienced disappointment and exhaustion when they abandoned their boats for walking. They felt uncertain about their basic needs and fearful as they navigated the Rocky Mountains amid winter.

As I traveled their path, I noticed how working in healthcare today is similar to pioneering unchartered territory. Healthcare workers are also experiencing trepidation, disappointment, exhaustion, and uncertainty as they navigate challenges.

Watermark Health has the unique opportunity to be a part of pioneering the course of this new chapter of healthcare. From disaster response during the February ice storm to navigating the Omicron surge in January and working on relationship building in South Dallas, we’ve also responded to the many trials of our times.

Notably, the overturn of Roe V. Wade in July positioned our sonogram services to become a crucial resource for our pregnancy resource center partners as they refer their patients to us for medical care. We are pioneering ways to meet emerging needs in women’s health. We are enhancing sonograms to more robust early prenatal care services that you can read about on the following pages.

Additionally, we created an operating model to support other local churches called “powered by Watermark Health.” Relaunching our Plano Clinic as CityBridge Urgent Care: Powered by Watermark Health helped us formalize an operating agreement to support their mission to serve their city.

With pioneering, there’s also a forced clarity and urgency to prioritize the building blocks of who we are.

Just as nobody can embark on expeditions while wounded or sick, we’ve continued to ensure that our volunteers operate in emotionally and spiritually healthy ways. You can read how we’ve focused energy on training, shepherding, and building relationships around the city on the following pages

As you read our top ten headlines of 2022, I hope you’re encouraged by how the body of Christ is providing biblical solutions in a time of change and upheaval. I hope you’ll continue to join us in this mission through prayers, service, and financial support.

Praising Jesus with you,



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