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Pray with us

We would covet your prayers for the ministry of our clinics. Here are some specific ways you can pray for Watermark Health.

Pray for our Patients

  • Pray every patient would see the love of Christ as they are served in our clinics.

  • Pray the nations would be reached with the Gospel through our clinics.

  • Pray our patients would plug into the local church and get connected quickly to the ministries they're referred to.

Pray for our Volunteers

  • Pray our volunteers would be strengthened and encouraged as they grow in evangelism and discipleship through serving at our clinics.

  • Pray volunteers would apply what they learn at the clinic into their daily activities at work, home and in the community.

Pray for our Clinics

  • Pray the Lord’s purpose for our clinics would be fulfilled.

  • Pray for clinic leadership, staff, and volunteers. Pray for them to serve out of an overflow of our relationship with the Lord. Pray their families relationships and walk with the Lord would remain steadfast.

  • Pray for clinic teams to keep an eternal perspective within each day and visit with patients. Pray they would never grow tired of doing the Lord’s will and they would define success by faithfulness.

  • Pray for the hiring and recruiting of new staff as we add to our teams. Pray for ongoing development of existing staff and that they would be deployed fully in their giftings.

  • Pray the Lord allows us to be a part of the solution to our broken healthcare system as we remove societal barriers to healthcare.

  • Pray the clinic would deliver excellent medical care, and maintain professionalism to glorify God.


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