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"Serving here has changed my life completely."

“Welcome to Watermark Urgent Care, how can we serve you?”

John and Judy Goodale have greeted countless patients with these words. Since the clinic opened, these two have been inside, helping patients get registered for their visit and providing pastoral care in the patient rooms.

Judy was first drawn to the opportunity to serve with our clinic because of her background in nursing. Her daughter-in-law had been involved in our Dallas clinic and quickly recruited Judy to join when she moved to Plano. John joined the team soon thereafter.

“Since serving at the clinic, I’ve learned how difficult it is to not have health insurance. It’s been so wonderful to get out my suburban bubble and meet people all around the world and learn about other cultures.” Judy shares.

John also shares that serving together has been a blessing to their marriage.

“As we serve together we get to support each other. It’s been a wonderful way to build our relationship. As our kids and grandkids get involved, there’s also a joy in seeing there’s a legacy in faith that we’re passing down.”

In addition to helping provide medical and spiritual care for the thousands of patients that have walked through the Plano clinic doors since opening in May of 2018, the Goodales believe their time at Watermark Urgent Care has better equipped them for life outside of the clinic.

“Now even outside the clinic, I want to share my faith; inviting people I meet to the clinic or to church." Judy explains. "I now sense an urgency to share with others about God and to invite them into relationship with Him. It’s changed my life completely.”

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