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"...everyone was an example of Christ." Skillman School Physical Day

The end of summer means school's back in session. As school starts up, so do sports!

School systems often require students to have a sports physical prior to participating in the athletics program. This year, the requirement has extended to other activities like marching band.

On July 27th, our Skillman Clinic was able to serve the students of our city by providing 60 students and families with completed physicals.

Anna and her daughter Stefany were first in line for the morning, ready to get her school physical to participate in marching band.

"This place is a blessing. We've felt very welcome." Anna shared "It's not like a normal Doctor's office." Explained Stefany "They pray for you here too."

Anna's been to the clinic many times with her 4 kids (5th one on the way). As her husband is currently living internationally, she shared that our clinic has been a blessing to provide healthcare for her children, but also encouragement and support at times when she's felt discouraged and just needed prayer.

While school physicals and spiritual conversations happened inside the clinic, Watermark Church volunteers also threw a party in the parking lot to help kick off the 2019-2020 school year.

One mom who brought her daughter to the clinic for the first time that day had this to say:

"I took my 14 year old to have a physical for school athletes and the staff was absolutely amazing. The time and attention we received was breathtaking...everyone was an example of Christ. I was really impressed with the cleanness of of the facility and the presence of godliness of the staff towards our family. I am so glad I listened to the voice of God as I struggled with the decision how to best utilize the $23 I had. The original plan was to go to Care Now Urgent Care and pay $20 dollars for my child’s physical or check out the $10 price I had some knowledge about. So I was able to get her a quality exam, feed my family and get gas for my car and have 3 bucks to spare. How amazing is that...praise God!"

We know hard working families are making difficult decisions every day on what they can afford and how to prioritize finances. Our generous donors allow our clinics to make healthcare more accessible and free those families up to steward their income towards other family needs.


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