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"What is this place?" Plano Clinic Construction

In February 2017, our board discussed the idea of a second clinic in Collin County, partnering with Watermark’s Plano Campus.

Just 15 months after we asked the question “Does God want us to do this?” the doors to our Plano Clinic were opened. None of this would have been possible without the involvement of the members of Watermark Community Church who work in the construction industry. They leveraged their contacts, influence, time, and specialties to get the build out done on time and well under budget.

Members of the construction team and clinic staff and volunteers gather in the Plano space for demolition to kick off the construction process.

When you walk in our Plano facility, almost everything you see including the drywall, ceiling tiles, lighting, flooring, countertops, and furniture was donated or heavily discounted. The beautiful design and finishings continue to contribute to our favorite question patients ask as they are blown away by the quality of services they receive; “What is this place?” Our answer always gives us a chance to point back to the gospel and God working through His local church.

"When I saw the impact of the Skillman clinic and how it ministers to the needs of so many, it was an easy decision to want to partner again to help bring the same to Collin County. In my role I got to see God work to stir the hearts of so many. Things we didn't expect were many people went the extra mile to make this happen." -Kris Hopson, Construction Project Manager

In the same way that our clinics allow medical professionals to leverage their professional skills and abilities to further God's kingdom, the construction process was a chance for professionals in real estate, architecture, and construction to deploy their talents to further the mission. It is a privilege to watch how the Lord brings his resources and people together for a cohesive mission. When you choose to invest with us, you can be ensured that your impact is multiplied because the church is leveraging their skills and talents here.


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