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"God did not forget me. I am most grateful."

Funke heard about our clinic the same way the majority of our patients do- through a friend. Her daughter Toyin got sick and they were without insurance. A friend from their school had visited the new clinic in Plano on the first day it opened and told her to try it out. So later in that first week we were open, Funke found her way there with her daughter who’s stomach had been hurting. She didn’t know what to do about the returning stomach ache and was anxious to find help.

“When we went in they were so friendly. Initially Toyin was moody because she didn’t feel well. But everyone…the front desk, nurses, all of them were so friendly. They calmed us down. I think they could tell we were nervous.”

During the visit Funke was grateful to not only receive help for the stomach ache, but also a rash that the providers saw while Toyin was on site. During the visit the staff and volunteers also invited Funke and her family to join them at Watermark in Plano for weekend services.

“We had moved from Nigeria about a year before and had not found a church yet. I was listening to some services online from back home, but I missed the fellowship, worship, and the word of God. We were so hungry for the word of God. So when they invited us it was an easy yes.”

The Sunday immediately following their visit to the clinic, Funke and her three children showed up to Watermark Plano. They’ve been attending ever since.

“The kids love being here. They don’t want to miss a moment of worship. They also really like the coffee.”

When you ask Funke’s 11 year old Korede about her experience at church she lights up.

“I really like that we get to play games, and learn the bible in a way that’s interesting. They don’t just make us sit there and listen. We get to be a part of the lesson.”

Funke has returned multiple times to the clinic since her first visit with Toyin. All three children have been seen for urgent care issues, and most recently, Funke decided to check herself in as a patient.

“I had this swelling on my neck and in the past I had gone to another doctor for it. They told me to go to Parkland since I didn’t have insurance. I went through a long process to get to the right doctors there and then when they asked me to bring a bill that included my address they saw that I lived in Collin County. They told me because I didn’t live in Dallas they could not see me.”

Funke assumed she had hit a dead end in getting help for her own needs.

“But then one day I remembered I had my new friends at Watermark Urgent Care. I thought ‘I’ll go see them, just in case there’s something they can do.’”

Our staff at the clinic was able to see Funke as a patient. They ran some labs and knew she needed follow up with imaging and a specialist. Our staff was able to connect her to Project Access, a service for residents of Collin County that lack insurance and meet certain financial thresholds.

“One day I was nearby and decided to come by the clinic to see my friends. When I walked in they were so shocked. It turned out that same day they had heard from Project Access that they were able to refer me to the services. While I was there we sent the fax and letter and two days later my appointment was scheduled.”

Since her approval, Funke has been working with her healthcare providers to take next steps for her needs, including a sonogram she had just last week….all for free.

“I am most grateful. I know God does not leave his people. I was so down, wondering what to do for my health and my children’s health. But my friends at the clinic never gave up on me. God did not forget me. I am most grateful.”

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