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from Military Frontlines to Medical Frontlines

Listen in as Nathan Wagnon, who has done two tours in Afghanistan, shares lessons learned from his experiences that will help medical professionals as they face a global pandemic.

Medical Professionals- use this as a chance to process what you're seeing and prepare for what's next.

Non-medical friends- listen in to learn how you can serve and love the healthcare community. Text this to someone you know who works in healthcare to encourage them to slow down and process what they're dealing with.

Once you've had a chance to listen, carve out some time to process the following.

Processing Questions

Nathan began by encouraging us not to freak out. One way to do that is to allow the worst case scenarios to play out in your head. What are the worst case scenarios that are in the back of your mind? Take some time to let all the "what ifs" play out. What are you afraid of? As a believer, what truth is waiting for you at the end of your what if? Find scripture to remind you of that truth.

If you are not a follower of Jesus, where are you finding hope at the end of those what ifs?

Read Matthew 6:25-34. What troubles of tomorrow are you worrying about today? Take some time now to turn those worries over to the Lord and trust Him with the future.

Read Matthew 5:13-16. How can you be light or salt in this season to the world around you? What specific opportunities come to mind in your work environment?

Look back over the past few years of your life. How have you done at resting in ways that honor the Lord? What does your past rhythm tell you about where you'll drift during a more tense season like this one?

Nathan shares three things that drive us to run towards chaos (savior complex, emotional driver, or Jesus sustained). Which resonated with you? Where do you need to confess a false motivation and repent towards doing your job with the motivation of obedience to Jesus alone?

Where are you tempted towards self-reliance in your work or rest? What habit can you build to remind yourself that you need God for all you do? (ex: the discipline to pray before you walk into the building, time spent in the word before leaving for work, quick prayers between each patient encounter, etc)

Next time you head in for a shift, grab a coworker to pray the following together:

God, give me the wisdom to know what's right, the courage to act on it, and accuracy with my action.

Point them to the resources on this page and website to help them process what they're facing at work.

If you found this page and don't know the Jesus we're talking about, we'd love to connect with you one on one to discuss more. You don't have to go through this time alone. The God of the universe loves you, sees you, and wants to walk through this burden with you. As His people, it would be our privilege to help point you to him. Email us at and one of our staff would love to connect with you.


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