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This has been a weary and exhausting time, and we know healthcare workers are at the end of their ropes. We are too. Lucky for us, we have a God who says that there is a blessing to be found at the end of ourselves.

Colossians 3:23 has been one truth we've been reminding ourselves of recently. When it feels like there is absolutely no reason left to keep doing this, we've found it helpful to remember we're doing this work for the Lord. Not for our managers, an employer, or honestly, not even for the patient across from us. We're serving them because of how HE has served us. =

We want to invite you to set an alarm at 3:23 pm (in honor of Colossians 3:23) every day through February 7th to pray for healthcare workers as they endure the fifth wave of COVID-19. Pray that the Lord would sustain them and remind them in only the way He can why they do what they do. As you see us share content, pray those truths for your area hospitals and friends you know in healthcare.

Prayers for Healthcare Workers: 

  1. Endurance during their shifts. - Galatians 6:9

  2. Healthy rest rhythms. - Psalm 4:8

  3. God would renew their passion, joy, and contentment for serving Him through their career. - Colossians 3:23



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