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"I just couldn't stop thinking about that life."

One busy morning as Liana helped our front desk get started she found herself intercepting a surprising phone call. A woman was calling for abortion services and asking if we could refer her to a provider. Liana was honest with the caller, explaining those were services we do not offer, but we did know of locations that could discuss other options if she was interested in that. We could also direct her to a location where she would get sonogram services for free. Our caller took the information but explained she'd still be looking for an abortion referral. She also gave Liana permission to call her again in a few days to check in.

For over a week Liana would call every few days just to check in and see how she was doing while building a friendship. Liana and the caller discussed morning sickness, spirituality, and what they both believed about when life begins. Finally, about a week into their conversations, Liana was told that our caller had scheduled an appointment to get the abortion. Liana was devastated and grieved for the loss of that baby's life and the mom's situation. Liana shared that we were here for her no matter what she did but would still love to have the chance to meet with her before that decision. Liana spent the next day praying for the woman on the other end of the phone. As the appointment time came and passed she prayed through her grief for the baby.

"I just couldn't stop thinking about that baby...that life."

The following day, Liana still followed up with the mom through another phone call. If the caller had gone through with the abortion, we knew that there were still many ways to serve her and care for her well. As soon as they started talking, Liana could tell something was different. For the first time since they had started their conversations, the caller was excited and joyful.

"I saw my baby on the sonogram." She explained hurriedly. "I have to keep it. That's my baby. I know it's a life."

The two new friends celebrated together through tears and prayer. Our caller was invited to come in and get a positive pregnancy diagnosis at the clinic, as well as pick up a gift to celebrate her child.

We have multiple patients a week that find out they're pregnant for the first time inside our walls. Help us continue to educate patients on the dignity of the life they're carrying in the womb and resource mom's to care for their child. Donate today.


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