Not sure about you, but seems to us like the whole world just shifted underneath our feet. We know these are trying and uncertain times for many. But as we face the uncertain- our confidence in Christ working through this mission has only increased. 

When the world was locking down, we were ramping up.

Because of how you have historically given and how God has provided- we've been able to innovate and run towards the new needs of our city during these difficult times. COVID-19 has been a chance for us to execute the same excellent medical and spiritual care we have for the past 7 years. At a time that the church building was forced to be close, the church body was still meeting the city's needs.

This year for Giving Day, we're asking for your help to fundraise $250,000 so that we can continue to say yes to the "new needs" of our city. Everything has shifted, and we're ready to shift our methods while we continue to keep our mission front and center.  

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The New Needs


Continued COVID-19 Response


We've identified two NEW NEEDS for COVID-19 services. As the nature of the pandemic continues to shift, we are currently dissolving our centralized testing site, and taking testing to higher areas of need- our clinics and hot spots near partner organizations around Dallas. By giving to Watermark Health, you can be confident that the uninsured essential workers of DFW will continue to have access to COVID-19 testing when they need it the most.

1- Walk Up COIVD testing on site at clinics 4x/wk - $30,000

2-Periodic Drive through Testing Site (at partner orgs and in South Dallas) - $27,384


New Patient Programs and Services


​For the last 7 years, we've focused our energies on providing excellent urgent care services to our patient population. Now- as we look to the next 6 months we see opportunity to diversify those services across a variety of high areas of new needs for our patients. By giving to Watermark Health, you can be confident that we will continue to innovate and flex towards our patient's new needs.

  • Dental Extraction Clinics - $5000

  • Blood Pressure Management Program in Plano- $14,400

  • Medicaid/Medicare Enrollment Support for patients- $6,000

  • Pastoral Care Telehelath – $7,000

  • Resource Hotline and Care Navigation - $16,000


Urgent Care Operations Updates


Our clinics have been dedicated to Urgent Care since the beginning. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we've been able to keep our doors open, seeing patients face to face in safe ways. As we flex to meet the new needs mentioned above, one new need for our existing services is updated x-ray equipment. The equipment at our Skillman facility is approaching the end of it's lifetime and in need of replacement. Help us meet this NEW NEED so we can continue to provide the same existing blessing to the community. 


Mobile Unit Deployment 


​​Last year you helped provide for a new mobile unit, which will be complete and ready for operation any day now. Now, we need your help in deploying it to the NEW NEEDS throughout DFW. When you give to Watermark Health, you can be confident that you're contributing to an organization that is always looking for creative ways to serve our city and gets things done.

  • Mobile Unit Urgent Care in South Dallas 3x/wk - $51,756

  • Mobile unit Urgent Care at Partner Orgs 1/wk - $20,784


Healthcare Worker Support


It's no secret that Healthcare Workers have a difficult job these days. In a profession that is usually ripe for burnout, a global pandemic has only heightened the need for good emotional and mental health support systems. One thing we've loved about our clinics over the years, are the opportunities we've had to support, encourage, and equip healthcare workers around the city as they serve alongside us. As we face the NEW NEEDS of 2020, we aim to:

  • Launch Health Care Worker Support Groups for processing and encouragement - $

  • Launch a podcast focused on spiritual, emotional, and mental health resources for Healthcare Workers during this time - $


Public Health Education 


The COVID-19 Pandemic has only heightened the need for reliable, trustworthy public health information and education materials. Our team of talented and dedicated providers sit across from patients every day- giving them the best and most recent information on this health crisis. We want to take that information out of the patient rooms and bring it to you. One of the NEW NEEDS we hope to meet in the next 6 months is launching a health education campaign for the general public.