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Over the last decade, the Lord has grown our ministry to multiple urgent care clinics (one of which is a mobile clinic) in DFW. We provide medical services to over 11,000 patients annually, at little to no cost to the patients, and without requiring insurance or identification. 

In addition to urgent care, the Lord has grown our capacity to offer dental services, hypertension management programs, and early prenatal services including pregnancy tests, sonograms, gynecological urgent care, and referrals for pregnancy services. 

As we survey our city and the ongoing needs around us, we have a heard to continue add to our scope of care to provide access to those with limited access to healthcare and resources. 

Provide mothers and families the confidence to choose life, give to be a foundational giver for the launch of  Early Prenatal Services at Watermark Health.

“As we serve women in the initial stages of pregnancy, we also get to understand the social, economic, and relational resources that are a challenge, and get to wrap around them with support in those areas.The needs of women experiencing unexpected, under-resourced, or under-supported pregnancies can be vast and varied. We find it a privilege to walk side by side with women and families, helping them to navigate complex immigration needs, a medical system in America that may be completely new to them, and social, emotional, family, and relational needs. All of these are done in partnership our local church body (Watermark Community Church) that cares in profound and tangible ways.”

 - Samantha Parsons, Skillman Clinic Director



If you have specialty women's health medical experience, skills in prenatal/OB services, or have a heart for counseling women in crisis moments, learn how you can partner with us as we share the hope of Christ through medicine.

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