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"We both left saved. We didn't expect that, but we're thankful it happened."

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Rochelle and her husband struggled with addiction to heroine for 5 years. Through a series of circumstances that were clearly the Lord seeking after one of His lost sheep, she lost any ability to get more drugs and found herself in a local ER for 2 weeks, suffering from withdrawals and infections in her old injection sites. When she was discharged, the ER referred her to a rehab program where she has been working to stay clean since June of this year. 

While at the rehab program her infections on her injection sites continued to bother her. The rehab center told her about Watermark Urgent Care- which had a new facility nearby in Plano. 

Rochelle and one of her friends from the rehab facility arrived in our clinic on July 31st and got to meet our staff and volunteers. While on site our nurse Laura and PA Julie got to hear Rochelle's story, pray with her, and remind her of God's love. They drew out the bridge illustration on the table paper and asked Rochelle if she were to die tonight how sure she was she'd end up in heaven. 

Rochelle said she thought she was about 70% sure she would go to heaven, feeling guilty for the past pains she had caused while struggling with her addiction. Our clinic staff reminded her that God's love and grace covers all sins and that we can be sure of salvation based on the truth in scripture.

Rochelle and her friend started to go to Watermark Plano that weekend, and haven't missed a Sunday since. They also regularly come back to the clinic to visit with our staff and volunteers. They are meeting weekly with two of the clinic volunteers; studying their bibles together and learning how to follow Christ. Rochelle still has the drawing of the bridge illustration that changed her life with her, folded up inside her new bible. "I hope I can use that same drawing to share with others about Jesus now."

When Rochelle thinks back to that first visit at the clinic she laughs.

"My friend and I came in that day for medical reasons, while they were able to explain the conditions and point to next steps, they weren't urgent care issues and there wasn't much they could do for us without a specialist. But we both left saved. We didn't expect that. But we're thankful it happened." 

Rochelle writes her name on a center column in the clinic, where others that have met Jesus during their visit have also signed their name. Help us continue to bring the Good News of Christ to a waiting world. Donate Today.


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