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"Serving here has changed everything..."

If you were to ask David Cho why he likes serving at the clinic, his answer would be that it’s changed his perspective.

It has changed everything…mostly it’s changed my perspective on other people’s eternity. I’m no longer thinking about what I can do to please them right now, but rather, what’s more loving is to consider their eternity.”

David is a sophomore in college and when he first started serving at the clinic he thought it would be a helpful way to gain experience as he considered medical career paths. When he started he found himself unsure and timid about sharing his faith. At the front desk he got a chance to watch other followers of Christ faithfully share the hope they had with patients and he wanted to do the same. Through serving alongside others and a discipleship trip to Haiti with the clinic team, David saw the thrill that it could bring to be bold for Christ.

“It’s like when you’re riding a roller coaster - at first, before you go over that big dip, you’re afraid. But the second you overcome that hurdle, you get the thrill of it. At the clinic I get to talk to people about Jesus and walk in the awesome adventures He puts in front of me.”

One such recent adventure included David getting the chance to pray with two individuals to receive Christ while they spoke standing at the front desk. A man and a woman came in seeking primary care services that we do not provide. Rather than just informing them of the other clinics they could utilize and parting ways, David took the opportunity to comment on the woman’s cross necklace and ask her about her faith. He found out that they were from a country in Africa, had heard things about Christ, but had not heard that we can be sure of God’s provision for us on the cross.

“One of them told me they didn’t do enough Christian things, like go to church or pray. I explained the truth of Romans 5:8, God doesn’t ask us to change before He loved us. If we come to Him, He is the one to change us.”

As David shared the gospel, both individuals started to tear up and responded saying they wanted to pray right then and there.

It was my first time to lead someone in that prayer, and I did it right there in the middle of the lobby. After we said amen we all started laughing because they had only come looking for a checkup but they left with more than they bargained for.

David has seen the impact that  being in the midst of the clinic has had on his walk with Jesus and his boldness for the gospel.

“While it was scary at first, the clinic has become my recharge place. While there I’m reminded regularly how big God really is and it’s almost like a gas station. Even though I’m serving, I'm refueled for why I’m studying, why I work, and why I do ministry.”