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Celebrating 10 Years - 2014 - Volunteer Deployment

In 2014, the volunteer team began to be developed and deployed.

On average, 150-200 volunteers serve annually within the various Watermark Health clinics and service lines. Over the years they have been encouraged and trained through international discipleship trips, training days, and volunteer celebrations.

As this team was deployed to serve the patients that walked through the clinic doors, they too were impacted by the gospel. Many learned how to share their faith for the first time, others had the chance to watch their faith be stretched as they interacted with people from all different backgrounds.

It became clear in the early years that there was an important unexpected impact of the ministry- how it affected those who were serving within it.

“I have seen the Lord’s faithfulness in the volunteers He brings to serve – high school students, stay-at-home moms, retirees, HR specialists, and firefighters. Working in healthcare is tough, and our volunteer nurses and providers choose to come in on their days off with smiles as they serve with us." - Toria Ates

"When I was new to Dallas, Watermark Health was the first place I volunteered. I learned here how to use my faith in an impactful way- how to love people well and share the gospel. Healthcare and the gospel so naturally weave themselves together, and it's been so nice to be able to serve in this capacity and use my nursing degree as well." - Taylor Barnett, RN

Check out some of our stories of the impact volunteering has had on those who serve with us:

Be a part of building into the church as they serve here! Give to the mission today!


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